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Dear Friends,

We have a new board!

First of all, many thanks to all those who e-voted. As you can see from the results, even though there was only one candidate per position, diverse voices and views have been relayed transparently and democratically.

And, for those who abstained or voted “no”, the upcoming three years will be an opportunity to demonstrate that this is a fine and performing team, as I am certain it is...

As to me, I will remain on the board as Past Chair and look forward to working with Kirsten, Nanette, Natalia and Andrea, – all people I like, trust and admire.

The times remain uncertain but I sincerely hope we’ll meet again in Lausanne next June. This will be –do not worry, it won’t take long – the opportunity for me to reflect on my three years as Chair, on the work accomplished and those things that remain to be done.

For now, allow me to thank from the bottom of my heart, my former board colleagues: Danielle, Renata, Christos and Davide.

Best wishes and stay safe,


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ESSTS Board elections 2020-Results

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James Leckman

James Leckman

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Davide Martino

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