Christelle Nilles, MD

Christelle Nilles, MD


Dr Christelle Nilles is a neurologist with a deep interest in Tourette syndrome and tic disorders, as well as in movement disorders in general.

She graduated from Université Paris Diderot, and she is currently finishing her residency in the Neurology Department of the Rothschild Foundation Hospital in Paris, France. She completed a fellowship in movement disorders last year at the University of Calgary, Canada, under the supervision of Prof. Tamara Pringsheim and Dr Davide Martino.

During this time, she was involved in wide-ranging research projects in relation to tic phenomenology, sex differences in tic disorders, and functional tic-like behaviours, that led to several publications.

She is particularly interested in differences in tic presentation based on sex, impact of tics on quality of life and outcome in adulthood. She continues to research these topics, using an extensive database of individuals with tic disorders in France.