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Where no man has gone before...

We made it!

We are preparing a new page with conference proceedings and updates from our recent meeting in Lausanne, stay tuned!
💡 Bookmark: the 15th European Conference will take place in Brussels in June 2023, exact dates T.B.A.

Our yearly meetings are the cornerstone and pride of our society.
Starting in 2008 with about 30 attendees, our annual meeting now regularly draws 200-250 participants on average from all over the world. We hope this number will continue to grow over the coming years and establish this meeting as the global rendez-vous for all those interested and invested in the study and care of patients suffering from TS.
Additionally, we propose a daylong workshop on cognitive-behavioural therapies at the beginning of every meeting to help disseminate these important techniques for the management of tics and TS.

Since the Copenhagen 2018 Meeting, we have been tailoring a dedicated page, a comprehensive archive of each Conference while making available online the presented Abstracts.
For the previous meetings, we have compiled all the related data in downloadable files as well.