Tammy Hedderly, MD

Tammy Hedderly, MD



Tammy Hedderly is an acute paediatric neurologist working at Evelina London Children’s Hospital (Guys and St Thomas’) and is also an Adjunct Reader at Kings College, London.

She was elected Vice-Chair of ESSTS in June 2023. She covers an general neurology service and has an interest in paediatric movement disorders, brain injuries and neuropsychology. She has a sub-speciality interest in the link between movement disorders, cognition and neuro-psychiatry. She developed and leads a national service called TANDeM,a multi-disciplinary service for children with Tics, Tourette’s, Stereotypies, functional neurological disorders and Paroxysmal dyskinesias.  She runs a diagnostic and management service for children with Autism Spectrum and Wilsons Disease. Working in collaboration with neurologists and psychiatrists across Europe within ESSTS and with colleagues across the USA, TH participates in several large-scale research projects studying the role of genetics, infections, immunology and other environmental factors in some of these complex disorders. With her team, TH has presented and described novel clinical phenomenology in movement disorders such as ‘Intense Imagery Movements’ and ‘Tic-like Attacks’ and more recently functional tic like movements’.

Selection of  Recent Journal Publications

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