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What ESSTS Membership stands for

Until 2017, ESSTS membership was free and open to all those registering with us, or attending one of our conferences.
Starting on 1st January 2018, we introduced membership fees to support the Society's missions and ensure the viability of our annual meetings.
We therefore kindly ask all our colleagues and friends, especially former members, to renew their membership and for pay their –calendar– yearly membership fee.
-ESSTS members benefit from reduced rates when registering for the annual meeting.
-They obtain voting rights; a new board is elected every 3 years during the general assembly of the conference*.
-Introducing members accounts.
From 1st November 2023 and by logging in online, they will have access to content & materials reserved for active members.
As this is a new feature, additional content will be made available to members in the coming months!
-By renewing your membership you allow the Society to expand its activities and offer educational programmes, collaborative projects, travel grants, all aiming to benefit our community.
*Members unable to attend the meeting on an election year, are offered the possibility to vote online.
See Brussels 2023 board elections.

How to become an ESSTS member

All researchers, clinicians and students from around the world interested in Tourette Syndrome are welcome to join!
Please, fill out the registration form below and proceed with payment via Ticket Tailor.
Senior members :  150€/year
Junior members :  75€/year
(MD/PhD students, postdocs, interns, residents, nurses)

Creating your user account

Once you have completed your membership renewal below, you will receive an invitation (it might take 1-2 hours) to activate your user account.

Accessing member-reserved content

Any pages or page elements featuring the member's icon, will become accessible when you log in.
Downloadable materials, speakers' slides, videos, etc, can be found on the Download area page, on their respective conference page and on the TS-school page.
Access to member-reserved content will remain active throughout the calendar year, –1st Jan-31st Dec–, of your membership.
Past this date and until you renew your membership again, any access to member-reserved content will be automatically deactivated.
Your account will not be affected of course!
Any questions? We are here to help!