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The new page, dedicated to our recent conference in Lausanne, is ready!
💡 Bookmark: the 15th European Conference will take place in Brussels in June 2023, exact dates T.B.A.
BT workshop
Invasive brain stimulation
Non-invasive brain stimulation
Functional tics
Clinical rounds
2 BT workshops (EN)
Best papers of 2021 on tics and TS
patient associations
Neural mechanisms of cognitive behavioural treatment
"Ticking the wrong box", Society & TS
Are functional tics easy to diagnose?
2 poster rounds
Comorbidities in TS

Abstracts-oral presentations
GGdlT-the man behind the name
Controversy polling
Kevin Black

Best papers of 2021!

Juan Carlos Baldermann

Brain stimulation in TS

Virginie Czernecki

Behavioural treatment of tics (French)

Tammy Hedderly
Clinical rounds
Stephen Jackson
Non-invasive brain stimulation in TS
Davide Martino
"Functional, Tourette-like behaviours; an evolving landscape"
Alexander Münchau
Neural mechanisms of cognitive behavioral treatment in the framework of perception-action integration
Tara Murphy
"Ticking the wrong box"- a global look at why we don't know what works in tic education and how we can find out
Velina Negovanska
Behavioural treatment of tics (French)
Michael Okun
Invasive brain stimulation in TS
Liselotte Skov
Clinical rounds
Zsanett Tarnok
Behavioural therapy for tic disorders (English): Overview of co-occurring conditions
Jolande van der Griendt
Behavioural therapy for tic disorders (English): Working with functional tics
Cara Verdellen
Behavioural therapy for tic disorders (English): Working with functional tics
Susanne Walitza
Update of guidelines for the treatment of OCD and OCD with GTS including PANDAS
Olivier Walusinski
Georges Gilles de la Tourette, the man behind the name

As we pick-up the pace and go through re-structuring phases, our motivation and commitment to delivering essential content will only flourish.
It is what makes us tick after all. 😉

Postponing the 13th European Conference...

14 March, 2020 (updated June 2020)

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

...the update that you have probably anticipated; it is indeed with a heavy heart and after thorough deliberations with our Swiss hosts, that ESSTS has decided to postpone the upcoming Meeting in Lausanne (3-5 June 2020), for next year.
The location will still be the same, -probably early June 2021 and we'll have even more time to measure up to Lausanne's "Best small city in the world" ranking. 💪

More updates will follow in the coming weeks and we shall very soon tailor our online content accordingly.

Regarding the delegates who have already registered for the meeting; we shall of course fully refund the registration and social event fees. Thank you for allowing us a bit of time to handle this vast volume of communication and logistics!

We still feel the bitter taste of disappointment, as we were all looking very much forward to this meeting and its particularly interesting scientific programme this year. We therefore aim at keeping it very much that way for next year, nothing shall be lost!

Be prudent and stay safe!
The ESSTS board & the Swiss organisers

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