Danielle Cath, MD, PhD

Danielle Cath, MD, PhD



Dr. Cath is an adult psychiatrist who divides her working hours between clinical work (halftime), and research and education activities (halftime). She is specifically specialized in anxiety and OCD spectrum disorders (including Tourette’s disorder), involved in patient care as well as teaching and supervising of residents of psychiatry.

Currently, she works as the program chair of a Top clinical anxiety disorders program of a large mental health institution (Altrecht, Utrecht), in combination with  a research position (associate professor) at the department of Clinical and health psychology of Utrecht University. As a researcher, she is engaged in neurobiological and treatment enhancement studies of anxiety and OCD spectrum disorders (including Tourettes’ disorder).

She is a member of International Consortia on the genetics of Tourettes’ disorder and OCD (PIs: drs Scharf  and Mathews, Center for Psychiatric Genetics, Harvard University Boston) and of a European research collaboration on Tourettes’ disorder (ESSTS, COST action BM0905). Furthermore, she is collaborating with Dutch Twin Register in twin studies (department of Biological Psychiatry, Amsterdam).