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Driving experiences survey

*** UPDATE March 2021: The survey is now closed, click below to view the results online. ***

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

We hope this message finds you and your close ones in good health and good spirits.

Karolinska Institutet together with Tourettes-Action UK have been working on a global survey examining various themes such as:

-Do tics interfere with driving?

-Was it difficult to obtain a driving license?

-Do treatments help?

-Do people feel they need support to drive or to obtain a license?

The answers to this 15 minute-survey are completely anonymous and no identifiable information will be stored anywhere.

Your participation is completely voluntary.

We encourage professionals to spread the word and our friends who have personal insight to share, to go ahead, fasten their seat-belts and hit the pedal!  

Stay safe and take good care of yourselves!



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Invited speakers

James Leckman

James Leckman

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Davide Martino

Davide Martino

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