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Immune-brain interactions in neurodevelopment

Professor Dale's overall statement:

  • There is genetic contribution to neurodevelopmental disorders like Tourette, OCD, autism
  • However, 'single gene' causes are relatively rare
  • Instead, a 'polygenic and environmental' model is accepted to explain most patients
  • To date, most attention has been to genes
  • The case presented here is for 'environmental factors' and why this is important

Overview of talk:


-Do they exist and what are they?

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders

-Neurodevelopment and gene-environment interaction

-Immune system and microglia

-The case for environmental influences in neurodevelopment

-The case for neuroinflammation in neurodevelopment

-What next?

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Invited speakers

James Leckman

James Leckman

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Davide Martino

Davide Martino

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