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Virtual Meeting I, the teaser

It's official, ESSTS' first Virtual Meeting was successfully launched on 22 April 2021.

We called it a "teaser" Meeting, for it was only the beginning and we were thrilled to welcome attendees from all around Europe and North America!

We opted for a hybrid format that combined recently recorded interviews & presentations with live content. The new ESSTS Board had the opportunity to introduce themselves after the September 2020 elections, invited speakers Per Andrén from Sweden and Davide Martino from Canada (despite the cruel time difference and while relying on snowstorm-compromised signal!) joined us as well for a live Q & A session, moderated by Cara Verdellen and our Vice Chair Nanette Mol Debes.

A heartfelt thank you to James Leckman who attended our meeting and accepted our invitation to appear live ...impromptu and take questions.

Visit the meeting's page to find more about the programme & speakers and watch the recording!

Feel free to get in touch if you need fore information.

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Invited speakers

James Leckman

James Leckman

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Davide Martino

Davide Martino

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